Apr. 25th, 2011

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Called to find out about my rescheduled testing for tomorrow, for the Job in Woburn. Get transferred to the owner, who says the person who would be doing the testing isn't in today, probably won't be in Tuesday ("I think she has the same cold I do - *caff*") and they would call me to set it up just as soon as someone was available.

I hate dangling.
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I realized earlier today that I'm not freaking out about the testing for Job in Woburn being pushed out indefinitely. I think I have figured out why.

For the last few days, I've been keeping myself occupied with doing the things I do to support my eBay side-business. I've put in more time in the last three days than probably the last three months combined. And I've felt myself level up in both Fixing Laptops and EBay Auctioning. Things that had previously been difficult are suddenly just working. I have always wondered if I could do this as an actual living, and it seems that I may get a chance to test that out.

I'll admit that the work I've done over that last few days has more of an "eating your seedcorn" feel to it than anything else. While I've made at least as much this week as I would have in my old job, it's not sustainable. I'm burning through my inventory of parts, and in another few weeks I'd run out of things to fix. But if I start buying broken laptops right now, I cut my profit in half for at least a couple of weeks. Can't afford that right now with a new month quickly approaching.

But let's see how tomorrow goes.

tl;dr = The eBay biz is keeping me sane and financially afloat for the moment, and potentially longer.


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