Jun. 28th, 2011

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I am highly upset and not thinking clearly.

I am putting out the call to any and all who can provide insight, clarity, or general advice on my problem.

I attempted to retrieve my car today. The story of the trip will have to wait.

Upon arriving I was allowed to examine my car to determine what shape it was in. After a bit I was able to figure out how the thieves had broken the ignition, and could get it to crank a little. It looked to be otherwise fine.

I went back to the office to pay and ask for a jump. I discovered that they only take cash for towed vehicles, so they asked if I wanted to leave my keys and have them jump it while I walked to an ATM. With the ignition in the state it was I asked them to wait until I returned and kept the keys with me. This fact is important.

When I got back, the man in the office informed me that while I was gone they jumped and attempted to start my car (apparently with a screwdriver) and that there was hole blown in the engine. Sure enough, after escorting me to my car, there was a fresh puddle of engine oil running out of the front.

The gentleman who was there with me kept making a point of saying that my car must have been along side the road for more than a week, even after I insisted that was impossible. He even went so far as to tell me that he had Personally Seen it by the road for over a week before it was finally tagged for towing, making me suspicious that there is some legal reason they needed me to believe that. This same gentleman, who I later discovered was the one who jumped and started my car, spoke to me while walking back to the office about how he could get me an engine block very cheaply, and asked for my cell number. I gave it to him, and he called my cell so I would have his number as well. At this point I had no intention of buying anything from him, but was in evidence gathering mode.

The man in the office offered to forgive the storage fees and I could just pay for the tow and sign the car over to them for nothing if I didn't want it any more.

There was too much stuff in the car to bring home on the train, and having it towed home seemed financially unwise, so I am heading home again and asking the hivemind for help.

I am so angry right now I want to sue everything that moves.

Wat do?

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