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Edit: Turns out the email was confusingly written; See Comments.

Here is an excerpt from an email I received today in relation to the upcoming Poly Speed Dating event that (I think!) I am attending next week. Please note the "Demographic Limits" section.

Hello awesome speed daters!
Poly Speed Dating is less than a week away so sign up now if you haven't.  We already have quorum, but more people equals better quality dates for everyone.  So please help yourselves and help others by spreading the word!  Forward this email as appropriate!  Take to the streets!
This round introduces our new and crazy text free-form matching.  It turns out people are looking for and are identifying as all sorts of things.  People are entering what you might expect (e.g., top, artist, bdsm, honest, horny, friends-with-benefits, free-spirit, tattoos, vegetarian, science-nerd) and some other things too (dreamer, robot, sailor, whiskey).  But this is only a slice.  See for even more examples.
* Getting There. *
There is good public transportation, with parking spaces besides.  Cuisine en Locale, on Highland Ave in Somerville, is a quick bus ride or 20 minute walk from Davis or Porter Square.
* About the food and drink. *
Cuisine en Locale will provide a full restaurant and bar on the upper level while speed dating happens on the main level.  Restaurant doors open at 6pm.  You can come, register, and then enjoy a meal with friends while you wait for the activities to start.  Based on responses from the last event, we have expanded the menu of food options.
* Demographic Limits *
To maintain balance in the dating pool, we had to restrict demographics, and so if you are in effect a "straight man" you need to bring a companion who is not a straight man* to help balance everything out.  If you do so, we will get you a drink to compensate.

*Emphasis Mine

Wait, wait, wait. Wait.

So, I'm now required to bring a Date to the Speed Dating event? Ooo, but I get a Free Drink! ::Snark::

Am I being overly sensitive about this, or is this a little tone-deaf on their part.
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