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...but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to update the damn page every five minutes anyway. I've got plenty of things fixed, cleaned, and made presentable for the used-electronics-buying public. I've employed every trick I know on how to attract more attention to my auctions. I've priced everything as low as is reasonable. All there is left to do is wait for the e-mail that will come and say I've sold something and there is more money in the ol' Paypal account.

This is maddening.

At least before when I was usefully busy, I was content that everything that needed doing was being done. Now, I'm becoming neurotic. I can usually tell when this is coming on because I also get a very specific physical symptom. It's like an electric tingling/shock sensation on the right side of my head/scalp. Someone once mentioned that this sounded a lot like the zaps, and it does, except for the part where I'm not on any SSRI medications.

So, earlier today I had some fun helping out [ profile] asciikitty and her Yarn Shop associates load up for the Gore Place Sheepshearing Festival. It was fun hanging out with all of them, plus I got to have some Fair Food, which is always a plus. Also, my dirty secret is now out... I'm not a fan of Alpacas. Don't like 'em. Can't say that this has much affected my life before today, so I think I'll just live with it. :)

So, how was YOUR day, LJ?
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I realized earlier today that I'm not freaking out about the testing for Job in Woburn being pushed out indefinitely. I think I have figured out why.

For the last few days, I've been keeping myself occupied with doing the things I do to support my eBay side-business. I've put in more time in the last three days than probably the last three months combined. And I've felt myself level up in both Fixing Laptops and EBay Auctioning. Things that had previously been difficult are suddenly just working. I have always wondered if I could do this as an actual living, and it seems that I may get a chance to test that out.

I'll admit that the work I've done over that last few days has more of an "eating your seedcorn" feel to it than anything else. While I've made at least as much this week as I would have in my old job, it's not sustainable. I'm burning through my inventory of parts, and in another few weeks I'd run out of things to fix. But if I start buying broken laptops right now, I cut my profit in half for at least a couple of weeks. Can't afford that right now with a new month quickly approaching.

But let's see how tomorrow goes.

tl;dr = The eBay biz is keeping me sane and financially afloat for the moment, and potentially longer.
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Called to find out about my rescheduled testing for tomorrow, for the Job in Woburn. Get transferred to the owner, who says the person who would be doing the testing isn't in today, probably won't be in Tuesday ("I think she has the same cold I do - *caff*") and they would call me to set it up just as soon as someone was available.

I hate dangling.
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Back from my interview. They want me, but they want to see if I actually know what I know. Fair enough considering that I have no certifications. Have a "test session" set up for Friday. From the sound of it, I shouldn't have any problems with the testing. I have a good feeling that they will hire me.
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Or, that is, I used to.

But some catching-up is in order.

Wall of Text behind cut )

Here we go again.

I just got off the phone with the gentleman who replied to my Ad. I had emailed him about my new availability, and I am scheduled to go in tomorrow at 9:30AM. They sounded excited to have me sooner! :)


Apr. 9th, 2011 03:13 pm
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As soon as I can reasonably manage, I will be finding somewhere else to live. [ profile] taura_g and I talked, and my living here with her isn't working out. Thankfully I have some time, so once again I come to you all and ask that if you know of somewhere to please let me know. Bonus points if it is south of Medford (or south of Boston entirely), as I am currently working in Pembroke and if I can help it I'd like to not make my commute any longer than it already is.
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So, I headed out this morning to cash the checks I got from work. In light of my current situation, my boss allowed me to total up everything I was owed and he wrote me a check for the total. Get to Davis Square, and head to Eastern Bank (the issuing bank), since I don't yet have an account I can access from Massachusetts.

Oh. Right. They need a picture ID.

Temporary Drivers License with my picture on it? - No.

Sam's Club membership card with my picture on it? - No.

Original Social Security Card that is almost as old as I am? - No.

(sfx: charliebrown-arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh.wav)

It's been seven days since I fixed the address issue with my license, so I suppose it should arrive any time now. But ser. i. ous. ly? I need a hug. :(

P.S. Diesel Cafe is peaceful, and has tasty things to eat.

Edit: License has arrived. Roller Coaster back on the upswing. :)
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I have friends who care about me, and want to see me do well. :)

(I was sick of just posting negative things on here.)
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So today as I'm driving to work my car suddenly decided it doesn't like shifting out of first gear. Or accelerating. If you can coax it above 20 MPH and stay away from hills it's fine. I think I could get to home if I had to, but my boss has offered to let me drive the company vehicle for a day or so.

Anyone know anyone out there looking to sell a cheap used car? I just need something to last me a couple of months until I can get a proper replacement.

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Well, the boss relented on the whole Cut-Of-My-Profits thing. He did so directly and without my prompting him in any way, so I'm gonna chalk this up as an Extreme Brain Fart and leave it at that. I really DO enjoy this job otherwise.

Also, now that I'm getting out of the shop more, I'm starting to see the potential for making a decent living at this.

Tired and hungry, so that's all for now.
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One week in, and I am already having to educate myself on Massachusetts Employment Law.

My new boss is claiming that my eBay side business (which I told him about before my first day of work) constitutes direct competition to him, and has requested a CUT OF MY PROFITS.

*SIGH* Really? I'm thinking this is extortion.

Anyone who knows about this sort of stuff, ping me please?


Apr. 1st, 2011 03:35 pm
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Got a letter last night saying that I was turned down for Voter Registration because my address doesn't exist. The envelope had been hand corrected with the right street name. This seemed strange to me, so today I look at my Temporary Drivers License. Same wrong address. I'm *SO* glad the RMV was so very picky about what types of Proof of Residency they would accept from me. (I checked, the information I gave them was correct.) Now I get to go try and have this changed. I seriously hope they don't try and charge me $100 again.

P.S. No, this is not an April Fools joke - I wish.

Edit: Everything went better than expected! The nice lady quickly realized that the problem wasn't my fault, and fixed everything for free. Hurray!
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Good Morning, 6am. I've never seen THIS side of you before. I'm not sure I like it.

And I don't even work today. :P
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Well, I suppose now is as good a time as any to try and get back into LiveJournaling.

So, for those of you that didn't already know, I had some fun with the car on the way home from work yesterday. About half-way home, I started smelling something acrid. Traffic was slow and tight, so I waited to see if it was another vehicle. After a couple of minutes, the smell went away so I figured I was right. (Spoiler Alert: I was wrong.)

I quickly realized that I was losing systems (cooling, alternator, power steering) and got the heck off the freeway. Luckily I was near South Station. "They must have parking there," thinks I. And after a stressful couple of minutes, and a scary climb up a really steep ramp, I finally got parked. There was a trail of coolant behind me, but I could still hear it boiling, which suggested that I probably hadn't cracked the block or anything.

After some calm inspection, I realized that the Serpentine Belt had come off. Well, that explains that. No belt means no cooling, no power steering, no alternator, and I suppose no AC, not that I noticed. So I left it there and headed to Diesel Cafe, where people were waiting to help me celebrate my new job. (Yay!)

Nine of us made our way from Diesel to Orleans, where the combination of good company and good food made me forget temporarily about my damaged vehicle. The Steak Tips were just as good as I had been lead to believe, and I discovered that three years of French in High School had apparently been wasted on me, as I was unable at the time to identify what the heck a "haricot vert" was until [ profile] shadesong informed me they were just Green Beans.

So today, I got a new belt, and made my way back to South Station. Spent about an hour trying to put it on with the wrong tools in a parking lot and finally give up. Helpful parking attendant points me to a local garage, and I decide to risk driving it. Made it most of the way before the battery finally gave out, but I was able to recharge it from my portable jumper to get the rest of the way.

Garage people were nice and friendly to the dumb computer guy who couldn't make his car go. They informed me that it was a good thing I didn't replace the belt, as the belt tensioner had seized up and I would have just broken another one pretty quickly. After several false starts, and trying to get the right part for my car, they finally fixed it, and I was able to go home, only eight hours after I had started.

And that was my day today. And some of Yesterday.
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Well, I was a small part of making this thing, but that makes for a clumsy title. :)

Today is Jonathan Coulton's 40th birthday. To celebrate, a bunch of fans got together and made a video with lots of cake! It is quite awesome, and you should see it when you get the chance. Oh look, there it is now!


Aug. 17th, 2010 05:55 am
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Bathroom is clean. Productive Industrious insomniac is productive industrious. :)

Edit: Yea, I always get those confused.

My week...

Jul. 28th, 2010 06:43 am
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Interrupting my PAX EAST posts to bring you these bulletins.

- Met lots of good people in Boston, a couple of whom already seem willing to help me get started at a really good company when I'm finally out there.

- Mere hours after returning home from the trip, my friend Cami called me and asked if I would be interested in participating in an internet-based weekly hosted horror movie show that she is associated with. Writing sketches, appearing as a character, whatever I think I can do. Hm.. lemme think abou.. OMG YES PLEASE!

- Haven't mentioned yet, but starting next week I'll be moving to second shift - 3:30P-12:30A M-F and some Saturdays. Slightly more human hours with lots more OT potential. This will help tremendously with building my pile of moving money.

Brain asplodie.
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More unreasonable hugeness behind this finely crafted LJ Cut )
* For those of you who are wondering what's with all the cursing, I direct you to this post on Wil Wheaton's blog of he and Paul and Storm performing at PAX.
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Well, I've been busy. I have a lot to tell you and I need to start a few months ago for it all to make sense.

March, 2010 – PAX EAST (bitches*)

I attended my very first Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Boston, MA. This was the very first PAX on the East Coast, but it has been a yearly event in Seattle since 2004. I have been wanting to attend for a few years now, and when the East Coast PAX was announced, I decided I was finally going to.

PAX, for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, is the equivalent of Woodstock for geeks. It's a three day event hosted by the creators of the Penny Arcade webcomic celebrating gaming and, more generally, geek culture. There are panels about all types of gaming, lots of computer and console vendors bring their latest and unreleased wares to be ogled, and nightly concerts featuring 'nerdcore' music. Generally, if it's something geeks like to do it'll be represented in some fashion at PAX. Without turning this into a twenty page opus magnum, for a certain segment of the population attending PAX is like coming home to the family you didn't know you had.

Also, let me say that it turns out when traveling for more than a day or two, the hotel is the big expense; it cost nearly the same to attend in Boston as it would have in Seattle. Oh well, lesson learned.

Cut for unreasonable hugeness. )
* For those of you who are wondering what's with all the cursing, I direct you to this post on Wil Wheaton's blog of he and Paul and Storm performing at PAX.

Part 2.. eventually.

Fun Fact

Jul. 7th, 2010 10:00 am
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If you pop a bag of popcorn at work, then after it's popped you become slightly nauseous and discard it unopened an hour later, people will treat you like you must be dying and tell you to just go home. :)

(I stayed, but it's nice to be cared about.)


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