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Had to work Friday night (Friday night is my Saturday), because our new upper management, who are not even in the same building as us, told us we had too many employees, and laid off all of our temps. So now, in order to keep up production, we have to work overtime on Saturdays. I'm even back to running a machine most nights, which makes me the highest paid operator in the building :). I don't mind it so much, except that in a month or so when they finally realize that we actually did know what we were doing, we'll never be able to get those people back, and I'll once again have to train a whole bunch more people.

This recent overtime is great for the paycheck, but it's taking a huge chunk out of my free time. I had finally found a good place to sarge*, but it was my Friday Night place, so I guess I won't be going there for a while.

Lots of PUA practice info here. )

So that's it for this post. I think posting about my progress is helping me to learn from my experiences.


*I realize that I'm suddenly using a lot of terms that my long-time readers (Hi [ profile] mizarchivist!) won't understand. Here is a link to a web page that has most of the definitions for Pick-Up Artist (PUA) acronyms. (BTW: I really hate the term Pick-Up Artist, as it evokes images of sleazy guys in leisure suits asking disinterested women what their "sign" is. But it's the appropriate term for the material and techniques I'm learning, so what are ya gonna do?)


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